April 26, 2017
Just as I was about to leave for work, I noticed the water heater was leaking. I called six plumbing companies requesting for a quote. I wasn't looking for an exact figure, just a ballpark, so I didn't waste their time and mine by stating I cannot afford the service at this time because the price is out of my comfort range when their are on-site. I figured, they are professionals and have been doing this type of work for a while and should have the knowledge of the minimum and maximum costs in replacing a water heater.  BUT, all six plumbing companies that I called stated that a quote cannot be given over the phone and requested an in house inspection for the service and a quoting fee.  The quoting fee ranged from $40 to $75. One thing came to mind, if there is a cost to just give me a quote, how much more to actually do the job? Instead of continuing to try with the big plumbing companies, I decided to go local.  That is how I found Ryan and PJ of Seattle's Best Plumbing and Rooter. I gave them a call and Ryan requested some information of what was to be done and gave me a quote, OVER THE PHONE.  Two hours after our conversation, Ryan and PJ showed up, swapped out the defective water heater with a new one. I am a person intrigued by how things work and asked a slew of questions while they were replacing the water heater.  They answered all my questions without hesitation.  They are professionals and cleaned up after completing their work and explained to me the settings of the water heater and what was expected after installation (expected time for hot water, etc...). I cannot state enough that Ryan and PJ are friendly and treated me very courteously and listened to my questions and answered them. 

Would I call them again for plumbing repairs, of course.  Would I recommend them to friends, family and associates, absolutely!!!

Thank you Ryan and PJ for providing my family and me warm water once again.  

Take care,
Manny P.